Allergy Doctor for Children in Coral Gables, FL

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Allergy Doctor for Children in Coral Gables, FL

Children with allergies are very common and fortunately, most of the time are not serious. When your child has an allergic reaction, their immune system is triggered in response to a seemingly harmless substance, like dust or animal dander. For most children, they will exhibit no adverse signs. However, for others, their immune system detects a threat and triggers a reaction. Sometimes allergies can be serious, and when this happens it is important to see a specialist.

When should I take my child to the doctor for allergies?

If it looks like they have allergies, your child might need to see an allergy specialist. This includes asthma, eczema, food allergies, allergic eye diseases, moderate to severe hay fever, anaphylaxis, hives and non-food allergies — such as latex, insects or medications.

Allergy specialists also provide care for patients with immune system complications that cause repeated infections like colds or bronchitis. Allergy specialists might do tests like oral food challenges, blood tests or skin-prick tests to help diagnose allergies.

An allergy specialist might also prescribe treatment for children diagnosed with allergies. This might include immunotherapy for children diagnosed with significant, persistent allergies to house dust mites, insect stings or grass pollen.

What is an allergy specialist called?

A medical professional who specializes in treating allergies and allergic reactions is called an allergist. They can effectively diagnose, treat and help to prevent allergies and flare-ups from occurring. Another medical specialists for the treatment of allergies is a pulmonologist. These healthcare professionals specialize in treating diseases involving the respiratory tract, and often work in hospitals with patients on life support and medical ventilation.

Do I need a referral to bring my child to an allergist?

Since allergists are medical specialists, referrals are typically needed. Not to worry though, as getting a referral is easier than you might realize. After explaining your case to your primary care provider, they will know whether or not seeing a specialist will be necessary and will not hesitate to refer you. If not, however, then they will be sure that they can treat your child on their own and that the situation is not serious as when needing to see a specialist.

How can I prepare for a visit to an allergist?

Bring as much information as possible. When investigating a potential food allergy, the visit is not to just get tested, the most important part of a first visit is telling the story of symptoms, and why there may be a suspicion of an allergy. In order to give the allergist the most complete story possible, keep a note that details all meals and beverages consumed, regardless if there are symptoms or not.

Make the entries as precise as possible, including things such as:

  • how long it took before symptoms appeared,
  • whether or not food came into contact with the skin,
  • how the reaction was treated,
  • other factors such as whether the patient had been involved in vigorous physical activity, or took medication prior to the reaction.

With all of this information provided, the allergist will have a better idea of what could be triggering the reaction.

This is crucial because allergy tests are more useful in confirming a suspicion of a food trigger rather than identifying them. In fact, random testing can result in many positive tests that do not actually indicate an allergy.

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