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Allergy Doctor Piniella, MD Located at 6705 SW 57th Ave # 520 South Miami, FL 33143 Specializes in Allergy-Immunology and Asthma Treatments. We Have 2 Piniella Asthma + Allergy Centers in Miami-Dade County. Request An Appointment Online or Call Us (305) 515-5922.

Allergy Doctor in Miami, FL - Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center
Allergy Doctor in Miami, FL - Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center

At Piniella Asthma and Allergy Center, our team of experienced allergy doctors in Miami can work with you to find a solution for a wide range of allergies. Allergies can take a toll on people of all ages, and disrupt your everyday routine immensely. From irritated eyes to clogged sinuses, dealing with allergies to pollen and indoor contaminants can be detrimental to your health. Allergies can also include more serious symptoms, such as allergic reactions to certain foods, bugs and pollutants.  We know that living with allergies is challenging, and that finding the right allergy specialist in the Coral Gables area is hard as well. That is why our team offers the best allergy diagnostics and treatment strategies in the Miami area, all during flexible hours throughout the week for you and your loved ones. Throughout the year, our team works hard to make sure that your family is provided with the best allergy services available, all in the comfort of our centrally located allergy center in South Miami.

At Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center in S. Miami, we have an experienced team of allergists on site who can provide patients of all ages with allergy testing services. Our main allergist and physician at Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center is Carlos Piniella, MD. Dr. Piniella has years of experience in allergy diagnostics and treatments, and has been offering care to patients for many years. With experience in pediatric allergy treatment as well, Dr. Piniella is a great resource for expert medical treatment in the South Miami area for the entire family. When you walk into Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center, our entire team will provide you with compassionate and confidential allergy care, and make sure that you understand all of your medical options. We know that every patient has unique allergy needs at our clinic, which is why we take the time to provide everyone with individualized and professional allergy services. Our allergy specialists can also provide you with a wide range of services at our allergy clinic.

If you are looking for a nearby allergist in the Miami and Coral Gables area, then Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center is the perfect location for you and your loved ones. Dr. Piniella and the rest of our team have years of experience in providing allergy testing and treatments, and can help you understand your allergies better. We know that families have busy schedules, which is why we offer accessible and timely appointments at our allergy clinic throughout the week. If you have any questions about our allergy testing services at Piniella Asthma + Allergy Center, then we welcome you to give us a call today. Our allergy specialist team can walk you through our different types of allergy tests and treatment procedures, and will ensure that you have a comfortable and friendly visit to our allergy clinic in Miami. We look forward to helping you and your family with all of your allergy relief needs.